Praying with Patty

One of the things that I say regularly is that the most powerful force on the planet earth is the prayer of a husband and wife as they pray together in unity. Patty and I had a nice prayer time tonight as we prayed for people in our church, our kids, and my Mom. Besides the blessing of increased power from God in our prayers, there is very few things that causes us to grow in our closeness and intimacy in our marriage as praying together does. On the surface it doesn’t appear that there is anything that special about praying with your spouse, but very few activities leave me with such a strong sense of God’s presence and His pleasure as when I spend time praying with Patty. It is that very strong sense of His presence that causes that supernatural bonding between us.

The devil seems to work very hard to keep us from praying together. As special as the prayer times that we have together are, we struggle to spend even three times each week praying together, which is my goal.  I think that the devil knows we can destroy his kingdom in our praying together, that is how much power we have together, and he is afraid of us, he has no defense against the power of our prayers. So he does the next best thing, he messes with our schedules and gets us so busy that we don’t seem to have the time to spend praying together. It isn’t going to work with us though, we are going to pray together, and We are going to do it everyday.

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