Sage Rat Hunting


4 of us drove over to Brothers in Central Oregon about half way between Bend and Burns and shot Sage Rats. The official name for these little critters is “Belgium Ground Squirrels”.  We are shooting on  a big alfalfa hay farm that has literally thousands of these ground squirrels with mounds of dirt everywhere through out the field. They are a major nuisance costing thousands of dollars to the farmers in lost hay.

I started hunting when I was 12 years old, and over the years it has been one of my favorite activities especially with my family. It was very fun to take my grandson Isaac who is 12 years old with me today, and be able to spend a day shooting with him. He hasn’t done very much hunting up to this point, and I think today he shot about 500 22 shells and had a blast doing it (pun intended).

Of all the blessings God has given me, at this point in my life my grandchildren are the best, especially as I get to be a part of their growing up and their acquiring skill, character, and  wisdom. Today helping Isaac load the gun, shoot it and eventually getting  accurate with it, and being careful and practicing good gun safety was so fun. But the best part was seeing him interact with the 4 grown men on this trip with maturity, dignity, confidence, and see him jump in and help carry gear without being told.

It was a great day! Thank You Lord.


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