IMG_0289This picture is one that I took on our bicycle trip across the U.S. from San Diego, California to St Augustine, Florida, last year. There were bunches of these critters in this game preserve  we walked through in Florida. This isn’t a dragon but he sort of looks like one, and writers from years ago who wrote about dragons and their power often referred to alligators as dragons. In the Movie series “The Lord of the Rings” dragons are common, and are the enemy.

I am teaching a class on Sunday mornings at 8 am at JBC on the book of “Revelstion”, the last book in the Bible. Many don’t understand the symbolism in the book and get confused by the characters in it. Tomorrow morning I will be on chapter 12 and the topic will be “the great dragon, the serpent of old, the devil who deceives the whole earth”.

Evil is very real in our world today. The source, the author of, the initiator of all this evil that we see is the devil, the great dragon who is our enemy. In life our struggle is with this great enemy of our soul who hates God and hates us and wants to destroy us. We can learn how to win this daily battle so that we aren’t defeated and constantly making choices that make us miserable.

Armies learn how to do battle in such a way as to win. Those who are in martial arts learn how and train to win. Football and basketball teams practice long hours in order to win. Each of us can win in life and grow and do the work which God has given to us to do. In the New Testament book of 1 John it says, “I have written to you because you are strong, the Word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one”.

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