A Legacy

IMG_0181When a person gets close to the end of their life you start thinking about what your life has  accomplished, what you have done that really matters, what you are leaving behind that keeps on making a difference. The ministry that God has given me has been incredibly rewarding, but easily the greatest legacy of my and Patty’s life is our family, 8 children, 6 son-in-laws, a daughter-in-law, 22 grandchildren, and they all are lovers. That is, they all love us, each other, other people and they all love God. These last 10 days in Hawaii were fun because of the weather and the beach, but what made it great was spending quality time with the two families that are farthest away and that  we don’t see very often. Their individual lives, their character and their personal growth,  was so enjoyable to observe. Their marriages are beautiful, the unity, interaction, and love for each other. Patty and I parented our kids with a plan, goals, and principles, and it is so enjoyable to be around our grandchildren as they played with each other,  and to see the interaction between them and their parents and to see the same principles being used , (not nessasarily the same methods) and the obvious results in their lives. This picture of Patty, Sally and Shelly at the Honolulu airport as we were leaving is a picture of our lives.

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