Fishing for Steelhead

IMG_0052Sometimes when you go fishing you don’t catch fish, and sometimes when you go fishing you do catch fish. My friend Matt and I limited out on these hatchery steelhead and also released that many more wild steelhead recently on the Siletz River.   It was a very good day. One of my basic rules of life is “when you have a day when you catch a lot of fish- rejoice”, and “when you have a day when you catch no fish-rejoice”, there were still a lot of really good things that happened, and if I look for them I will see them, and then say, “thank You Lord”.  Fishing is really not that big of a deal compared with so many other areas of life, but if I can train myself to always look for positives when fishing, maybe I can do it in everyday life, especially on those days when it seems everything is going wrong. The Bible says, “Rejoice always”, and it also says, “grumble about nothing”.  It is amazing how we can improve our “see good things” vision when we train ourselves, and then life is so much more enjoyable, for us and for those around us.