Going Home

It has been a very nice time here in Hawaii with our kids and grandkids for a week of sun shine and swimming on the very beautiful beach that our beach house was 50 feet from. This evening we had a nice going away dinner of barbecued steaks, Hawaiian sweet potatoes and broccoli and apple crisp and ice cream for dessert. Now we are checking in on line and printing our tickets and baggage cards, and then tomorrow at 10 am off we go to the airport. We will land in Portland at 11 pm and should be home in our own bed by 2 am., and then back to the basic responsibilities of life with fervor and passion. That is how life is, seasonal. There are times of intense pain, we all have them, there are times of great fun and relaxation, there are times of super fruit bearing and accomplishment, there are times of great effort but failure, there are times of confusion and panic, there are times of depression and despair, there are times of conflict and hurt, there are times of total exhaustion, times of rest and sleep, and then there are those times of resurrecting from the dead as it were with new vision and dreams for the future and a sense of invincibility. Some of the times are awesome and others are the pits, but they all come over and over as life goes on. The wise person enjoys and makes the most of the Super times, and trusts and reflects during the downer times. And also the wise person with grit determines that no matter what season of life they may be in they will never feel sorry for themselves or be upset with God.

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