Hearing God

God created us, and the best word to describe who we are in our relationship with God is His children. For Himself He desires our love, our honor, our fellowship, and our submission to Him. For us He desires our happiness, our success, or growth in character, and our growth in living for and serving Him. God, as God directs and leads us into His perfect plan and will for our life. He communicates to us His will. He has communicated to us through His Word, the Bible, but He also communicates to us in a personal way, He communicates to us individually. There are lots of ideas, beliefs, and opinions on how He does this, so let me share with you what I believe is a major way that God speaks to me.

Because of the principle that the church is called a “body”, and that each of us that are part of a church family are like a part of a physical body, such as  a foot, a hand, an eye, a tongue etc. Those who are part of a church family are part of a group of people who have chosen to meet together, to worship together, to pray together, to study the Bible together. God works in us as a whole much more than as an individual. That principle is mostly ignored by most Christians.  That would mean that my church family is very important to me, and I am very important to them. God has made the church in such a way that we very much need each other.

I believe that God’s primary way of communicating to me now, beyond the Bible is through other people, especially through those who are part of my church family. On their part it is mostly not on purpose, they just talk like we all do but God working in and through them prompts them to say something that is His words for me.  There are several requirements for this to work for me. First I must believe that God will speak to me through people. Second, I must pay attention to the conversations that I have with people, especially as we are gathered together as a church family, and listen carefully as I anticipate hearing from Him. The more I anticipate and listen the better I get at hearing statements that I believe are directed to me. I hear his praise for doing well, I hear his direction for my life, I hear his reproof and correction for sins, attitudes. and apathy, and I hear His love for me as His son.

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