Each generation of people in the USA is given a title and studied and written about, mostly by those in other generations. Each generation is approximately 20 years in length. I am a “Boomer”, born after World War II to parents who lived through the “Great Depression”, and the War, who were given the title “Builders”. The “Millenials” are that segment of our population that were born from 1980 to the year 2000. There is a few years of variation depending on who you read, but that is pretty close to the average.

As I read about this generation and others in an attempt to understand people, and how to affectively reach them with the gospel the strengths and weaknesses of each generation are a major part of what is studied, surveyed, and written about. Of all the generations I don’t think any generation gets as much bad written about them then the “Millennials”.

6 of our 8 kids were born after 1980, and I think they are pretty good kids, or I guess now I should call them young adults. Today I went and spoke to a class of young people who are studying to go into ministry at Corban University, and they all fell into this generation. I enjoyed my time in the class very much, and was impressed with those in the class by their obvious desire to learn, their attentiveness, and their good manners, in regards to how they honored me.

A smaller percentage of “Millenials” attend church than any other generation, but the reason is because there are so few churches that offer more than superficial religion. They are coming back to churches where they can have a genuine encounter with God with people who are transparent and real in their pursuit of God.

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