Four times a year our church, JBC has what we call “Five Days of Prayer”. From Monday through Friday we have prayer from 5 to 10 am, and also from 5 to 10 pm . We do this in a room that holds about 40 folding chairs set up in 3 concentric circles. We begin praying at quarter after the hour and quit at straight up on the hour, which leaves a 15 minute break every hour for people to come and go, get some coffee, eat a cookie, and chat a bit. During the 45 minutes of praying each hour one person prays out loud, loud enough for everyone in the room to easially hear, and everyone else in the room prays along with them silently in their mind. The person who prays out loud keeps their prayer short usually less than a minute, and when they have finished someone else prays out loud. There is no order for who prays next, people jump in when they feel led to pray when there is a break. If a person feels intimidated about praying out loud there is no pressure, they can just pray silently agreeing in their mind with those who are praying out loud. The time goes by super quick, and is very enjoyable because their is a very strong sense of God’s presence in the room. Each of the four prayer events during the year have a theme for the five days. The one we started yesterday is our foreign Missions prayer time.  We have the names of the missionaries in a booklet placed on each of the chairs so everyone knows who we are praying for. These prayer times are incredibly renewing for me. I get so much joy, peace, and energy from these times that I can hardly stand myself. I truly believe with all my heart that what happens all around us in our community and in the whole world is truly amazing as God works in response to our prayers.

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