There is something in us that always seems to want more. There are some areas of life that to want more is greedy, and we ought to learn to be content. But then there are other areas of life that to want more is what makes us come alive, to be willing to sacrifice time and effort, to lay awake at night dreaming, and to spend hours planning how to make it happen. I want more people to come to JBC for me to pastor, to teach how to live a life pleasing to God. I am not competing with other churches, it would be great if all of the other churches had many more as well, but I am not pastoring them, but I am at JBC and God gave me a mission to reach people so I want more and more and more. God is the one who gives more significant accomplishments, more fruit, and more real success. More from God is all a matter of stewardship. He gives us a little bit to steward, to take care of, and if we do a good job then He gives us more. Sometimes instead of more it is better. I want a better marriage, we have a great marriage but I want better. I call it a holy discontent.

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