Divine Appointments

Every morning I pray a prayer of commitment for the day. In it I declare Jesus Christ Lord of my life, and I pledge my devotion and obedience to Him  for the day and ask for His strength to keep my commitment. I make individual or smaller commitments for the day as well such as “Today I will love Patty the way Jesus loves the church”. A new one that I have added lately is, “I will look at every person I cross paths with today as a divine appointment from God, and I will choose to believe that He put them in my life at that moment so that I can influence them or so that they can influence me”. By praying that prayer every morning I have begun to listen attentively to the words spoken and the things done when a person enters my life experience in order to pick up a clue as to what God has in mind for me. As I have been doing this I have grown more and more skilled at hearing and seeing things that I used to be totally oblivious to.  This last three days I have been at Cannon Beach for a prayer retreat with 100 + people in a small room for much of the day so my commitment to regard every person as no accident but a divine appointment by God made me jump into hyper drive in my attentiveness to words, facial expression, tone of voice, and body language. I know that I am just scratching the surface of what I am capable of seeing, hearing, learning, and contributing for and from people, but the growth in this area of life that I have had makes me realize that I have lived most of my life with ear plugs  in my ears and my eyes closed. I am enjoying being a detective as it were and learning what God has for me from others, and how I can bless them with my life and words. 

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