Here at the annual 3 day Prayer Summit at beautiful Cannon Beach, we have about 120 people gathered together praying for the Willamette valley. There are probably a dozen different denominations represented and 50 different churches from half a dozen towns, and the level of unity between all these people is amazing. I haven’t been in a single conversation about anything political, though everyone has their opinions for sure, there hasn’t been any discussions of various theologies though there are significant differences   represented in those here. There are a large number of older pastors even a number who are retired, and there are a bunch of pastors and workers who are college age, from my perspective, just kids who have treated the old men and woman with great honor and respect. We have eaten together, prayed together, worshipped together, talked ministry and goals together without a hint of division, disagreement, competing for attention, slandering, or comparison. In trying to figure out why, an easy answer is that God is doing it, but it still requires people exercising self-restraint, speaking graciously, pursuing peace and unity diligently, and refusing to say or do anything that would lead to disunity. The reason unity is pursued so diligently by those here is that we value it very highly. Unity is fun, it is refreshing, it is joyful, but most of all we all believe with great conviction that God loves unity, and promises to pour out His blessing on unity, so it is worth working for, sacrificing personal opinions for, and exercising discipline in our speech and thoughts for. Wish it was longer than 3 days.

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