Going back over the years and seeing the number of “views” for each of my blog entries that I have written, and I have written 864 blogs over about 8 years, it is easy to see that the ones that get a lot of “views” are the ones with a catchy title. People are prompted to take the time to read if it appears interesting to them. I like people to read what I write, that is why I write, so I probably need to spend as much time thinking up the title as I do writing the blog. One of the temptations is to become “outlandish” in my attempts to attract attention. “Outlandish” is defined as bizarre, weird, grotesquely exaggerated, and on the list of synonyms goes, but you get the idea. What is required to be “grotesquely exaggerated” is a lack of integrity, the title promises more than it delivers. Two places this shows up today with increasing grotesqueness is advertising and the news. I don’t like being “duped”, tricked, being treated as stupid, and my list of sources of news is getting shorter and shorter.

As I think about that for myself I recognize that Integrity is a character trait that over time earns credibility with others, trust. I also recognize that God knows what is true and what is “outlandish” even a little bit, and He is the one who blesses, opens doors, and attracts people. One of my personal mission statements is, “I want to speak and write with God as the audience”.

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