If God would answer a question that I had, just one, I think I would ask Him, “what sin is committed more often in the world than any other?” I think I know the answer, Philippians 2:14, “do everything without any grumbling and complaining”. I think also that might be the sin that most bugs God, if He can be bugged by people.  There is a dozen different reasons why He would give us such a commandment.  One reason is that God knows that we dictate our own happiness level by how we talk. Most think our joy level is determined by our circumstances, but the truth is, our joy is determined by how talk about our circumstances. So many people live like victims because they think that the events around them, most of which they have no control over, determine their joy. Rough way to live life, as a victim. Think how this can lead to greater depths of despair. A person grumbles and complains because of an event that they don’t like or agree with, and the result is that they feel less joyful and happy, which leads to even more complaining and grumbling about the unfairness of life, which leads to more bitterness and down it goes like a big slide into misery that is self produced and caused.

Gravity was created by God. He created all the laws of nature and all the laws of life. If a person breaks the law of gravity to far off of the ground he will die. If a person breaks this law of how to have real joy or we could call it, “how to kill your own joy” they will be miserable and most often everyone around them will be as well, because they will blame everyone around them for their misery.

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