You Can Take it With You

since 2002 I have flown to Sirra Leone, West Africa 22 times. We go with a group,from our church to do some kind of ministry work in the most destitute country in the world. We have started churches, schools, done medical trips, built buildings, drilled wells, and started an orphanage. When we go we want to take as much with us for the ministry work as we can so we tell everyone that goes on a trip that everything they will need for two weeks needs to be in their carry on so we can use all the checked bags for ministry stuff. As you pack that small bag you think fairly carefully what is essential and what isn’t.

When you die and if you have trusted Jesus you will go to be with God forever and ever. When you leave this earthly, physical body and move into your new, glorified body what do you get to take with you? No fishing boats, no money, no cars, no video games , no tv, no house, no position or title. So do we get to take? Our character, who we are on the inside. Life is designed by God to foster the growth of our character. All our trials are caused by God to promote spiritual growth and character.

The most powerful way to exercise our character and stimulate it to great growth, and make it complete like that of Jesus is to love other people, especially when we work hard to love our enemies and the hard to love, and those who have hurt or wronged us.

All of life now for me is like being at a big gym with lots of running, biking, swimming, lifting weighs.  So love is a double edged sword, it blesses those we love and it blesses us as we love.

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