Wake II

Some people live their life in such a way that they leave a big wake behind them, that is they accomplish significant things with their life that changes people and things, they make a difference, a good difference. Why do some do this and many others do not. Let me suggest some reasons why some “bear much fruit”, while most others just mow their lawn, feed the cat, take out garbage, and wash their car.

(1) Those who do something significant with their life do so because they want to. This isn’t a casual, it would be nice if I could, passing thought, kind of want, it is an obsession, a very strong desire, a consuming drive and vision for a better tomorrow that they want to make happen. This “want to” is usually caught like a cold from someone who has it. If you know that you are a lukewarm person, look around and find a hot person and hang around with them.

(2). Those who make things happen do so because they choose to with courage and conviction. People don’t live lives of significance by accident, they make choices that open up doors of opportunity to influence their world. Most of those proactive choices have an element of risk involved even if it is as simple as the risk to be thought weird. Most people play it safe and avoid any risk so the default setting for their life is mediocrity.

(3) Often the reason for the shift from being a “do nothing”, mediocre, “play it safe” kind of person to a “change agent” is because of the growing boredom, frustration, depression, and an increasing sense of worthlessness that a mediocre lifestyle produces. Some to be sure get comfortable with a boring, insignificant life and stay there until they die. But God created us for accomplishment, for “fruit bearing”, and has assigned to each of us  uniquely “much work” to be done for Him.  God has put desire in us, and for it not to motivate us we must resist it.

I pray for every person in our church by name every week, and one of my prayer requests for many is that God will increase the desire in their life and that they will become hot.

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