A Wake

I use the term “wake” to refer to the influence of our life in the lives of others over the years that we have lived. Some people have a big “wake” and some have none, at least not a positive one.  When I was about 13 years old I went to Summer Bible Camp which I usually did, and the counselor for our cabin of about 10 boys was a young man named Mr. Titus.  He was single, never married, and sold insurance for a living, and he loved working with Junior High Boys. He had brought to camp a box of leather bound Bibles, and every day during devotions he would tell us how important it was to read our Bibles, every day, every day, every day, and that we should make a goal to read the Bible through every year of our lives. After every one of his devotions he would make us an offer of one of the Bible’s he had brought with him if we would promise him that we would read it through the next year. It seemed like a daunting task to me so I didn’t jump at the chance for a nice, new, leather, obviously expensive Bible until the last day of camp when I agreed to read it through in the next year. I did read it through, and I have read the Bible at least once each year since that year at Bible camp. As a pastor I have taught, reminded, persuaded, and nagged people to read their Bibles every day, every day, every day for years and very many have and do faithfully. I think someday Mr. Titus is going to be standing before Jesus and he will be surprised at how many people have read their Bibles because of his influence, that is a wake.

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