A psychological principle is that making decisions takes huge amounts of mental energy, and after making a number of decisions our ability to make good and wise decisions goes down. It is called “decision fatigue”.  In our culture today there are more decisions to be made on a daily basis than there ever have been, as a result many people are suffering from this “decision fatigue”. One of the things I have done is sit down and make as many decisions as I can think of that will be coming up in my life in the days ahead. Because this is premeditated decision making there is little pressure, therefore low energy loss, and I can intelligently pray about each decision asking for God’s wisdom, guidance and energy. These decisions tend to be ones that are repeated over and over so I have to be disciplined not to revisit the decision but to go with my commitment, which is what a decision becomes if you decide to stick with it every time it comes up. An example in my life is I used to get phone calls or letters from other churches who were without a pastor asking me if I would consider coming to be their pastor. The first couple times it happened I went through this agonizing time of trying to decide what to do. After the second time I made the decision at a 4 day prayer retreat that I was going to stay at JBC until I died. After that I never went back and revisited that decision, it was a commitment. Now I am so old I don’t get those calls and letters any more.

Related to that is the fact that many worry about upcoming decisions and what they are going to do, but it never happens, so there was “decision fatigue” over a decision that didn’t even need to be made. I have another commitment that I don’t make a decision for the future unless I am absolutely sure it will need to be made. There are few things worse than wasting energy on a decision that doesn’t need to be made.


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