I am always looking for new ways to serve the Lord and people. I look for needs and I especially pay attention to events and circumstances that would suggest an open door, an opportunity, an invitation from the Lord to do something that matters. Recently in a class I was teaching for new people at JBC I asked people to write down for me any suggestions that they might have of what we could do better as a church to make people feel accepted and loved, and meet needs in their life when they first visited JBC.  I got about a dozen very good suggestions, and two of them said, “you need to have something for singles, especially older singles”, JBC is such a family oriented church it is hard to fit in as a single mom with two little kids. As I read both of the papers that had this need expressed I got to thinking about how that could happen and what it would look like. I went through our directory and counted up the adult singles that attended, and realized there were a lot. I then went through the list of all those who had attended for a short time and then left and realized that many who were adult singles  didn’t stay. I got some books written by churches that had a successful singles ministry, and read what they did and how. I started thinking about who I could recruit to lead it, and as I pondered on that one for awhile I decided I would start it and learn how and then train someone to take over. I thought, even though I am an old married guy with 22 grand kids I can start and lead this ministry, and get it rolling good and then hand it off. So that is what I am going to do.

We will have the meetings on Wednesday evening to start with from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. We will start with snacks and fellowship for 30 minutes, then we will have a 30 minute service with 15 minutes of worship and a 15 minute devotional, and then we will have 30 minutes of games. We can adjust that depending on what works well. I like starting things, fine tuning them so they run smooth and then giving it to someone to keep it going.

If you live in the Jefferson area and know people you think would be blessed by this ministry send them on over.

3 thoughts on “Singles

  1. Laura Droege

    Bless you for starting this! I’ve been married since I was 22, but my husband (who is 9 years older) and I met in a church singles’ group. (The college class had fizzled and there was no other place for me.) He has commented that the group often felt unassimilated and ignored by the rest of the church; people didn’t know them or care about them or want to use their spiritual gifts (which were often not even known). So anything that can help singles (especially older ones) feel welcome at church is awesome.

    I’ve written a bit about loneliness in church, and received many comments from people, both single and married. One of the common refrains is that the church often doesn’t know what to do with those who don’t fit the married-with-kids demographic. I’ve heard from long-time singles, divorced people, people who are separated, with or without kids; some have told me that married people don’t want to talk to them (especially if they aren’t of the same gender) or regard them as “inferior” Christians. Nonsense, of course, but hurtful and real. I hope you can have a vibrant and caring group that helps heal those who have been wounded by such horrible attitudes.



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