26 character traits

there are a number of exercise/games, as I call them, that you can do with the list of 26 character traits. One is that you can put a number beside each one, 1 beside your strongest character trait, the you are almost perfect in, and then ranked all the way down to the weakest area of your life which has the number 26 in front of it. Once you have done that you can spend a month on your weakest character trait.  You can look up Bible verses that relate to it, set specific activities that will strengthen this character trait as goals or part of a daily to do list. The daily self evaluation of progress made is probably the most effective and powerful way to improve, grow, and become like Christ in your character. A coralory to this exercise is having someone that knows you well, like your spouse, parent, son or daughter, or friend rank you on the character traits. The continuous use of this list will increase our awareness of who we really are, and increase our desire to grow and change. The cool thing about this list is that we aren’t talking about sin or being bad, just a non- strengths that can become a strength if we work at it. I recently ranked myself and I determined that my weakest area was “orderliness”. So for the month of November I have 4 goals, (1) clean my office, (2) clean my shop, (3) finish my goal of inventorying all my tools and materials and putting them in an app on my phone, (4) and working at putting tools away when I am finished with them instead of just setting them down. Now that will be a miracle if I can pull that off😀.

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