Honesty, truthful, transparent, real

I have identified 26 different character traits that I want to work on and improve in.My goal is to take one character trait each week and to meditate on what it looks like to be perfect in it, and to examine my life daily in regards to this one character trait and how I am doing in it. With 26 character traits I can focus on each of them for a week and then each of them a second time each year. This week the character trait is honesty, truthfulness, being transparent, and being real and not a phony. In Hebrews it says that it is impossible for God to lie. The reason it is imapossible is because God can’t act differently than who He is, what His character is. Isaiah calls God by the title “God of truth” several times. God is truth, that is who He is and He can’t act differently than His nature, His character. I want that same character. Each evening I think, reflect, examine my day and life, write and journal in an attempt to discover all that is contrary in me to truth.

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