My Birthday

October 27th, 1948 is the day I was born. I came into existence as a human being with a soul, a mind , a heart, and a spirit. I think, reflect, and  ponder, within myself about myself trying to figure myself out. I am eternal and have the capacity to know God. I have the potential to grow inside, my inner person to become more and more like God. My character can grow so that I can fellowship with, converse with, and enjoy a real relationship with the God who created everything. I am self aware, carry on conversations with myself, I dream about and plan the future. God planned, and designed me and loves me. Because of my faith in Christ I will get a new body someday. It will be me, with my character, my way of doing things,  my memories, my personality, but no sin nature, no bad habits. I am unique, a spiritual snowflake, and I began my personal journey 68 years ago, and it will never end. Amazing, mind boggling, incomprehensible.

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