Basic disciplines

One of the foundational aspects of my teaching and training over the last 40’years of my ministry as a pastor has been what I have called learning how to “Faithfully practice the basic disciplines of the Christian Life”. I have taught the importance of these 7 basic disciplines over and over again. I have nagged people to do them to the point I am pretty sure that they just want me to shut up and go away. The seven basic disciplines are (1) Bible reading, study, and memorization, (2) prayer, (3) self examination and confession of sin, (4) worship, (4) gathering with other believers, (5) giving proportionally of our money to God’s work, (6) worship, and (7) seeking wisdom. There are more but these are the basic ones, they are the foundation of our life.  I teach that if a person faithfully, systematically, routinely practices these disciplines they will never go backwards away from God, but that they will grow closer to Him,  more like Him, and more useful to Him every day of their lives.

Very few people do these basic disciplines faithfully which is the reason that the number of people that are growing consistently are few.

Of the 7, “seeking wisdom” is the most complicated and multifaceted.  Wisdom is so essential to living life successfully. Wisdom is knowing what to do and say in any and every situation. God sovereignly puts wisdom in us. God gives us His wisdom, only if we seek it like gold, silver and precious treasure. A major requirement for us to be genuine, passionate seekers of wisdom  is humility, that is that we believe that we need it and we don’t have it.

How are you doing being a wisdom seeker?

1 thought on “Basic disciplines

  1. Karleen Taylor

    Your teaching has been paramount in my life as a Christian. Congratulations on 40 years of ministry! Did you mean #4 and #6 to be the same discipline of worship? I am helping another woman teach young moms and these basic disciplines are great! Thanks.



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