my Dad used to say often, ” just because a person gets older doesn’t mean they get wiser”. It was usually prompted by a decision someone we knew had made, and that statement was his way of saying that he didn’t think it was a very wise decision. I am often in a place where I wished I was much wiser than I am, while raising our eight children I often would plead with God to give me more wisdom, as a husband, and almost daily as I try and give people advice, counsel and the Word of God as a Pastor in such a way that they raise good kids, have super marriages and so they can live a life pleasing to the Lord resulting in much blessing to them. I almost continuously am reminded that many people make decions and choices based on information that they have gotten from me. What if it is wrong? What kind of consequences will come into their life, and into the lives of those that they would pass this counsel onto believing it was good. The book of James in the New Testament says, “let not many of you become teachers, knowing that as such you will incur a stricter judgment from God”.

The book of Proverbs says, “If you seek for wisdom like gold, silver, precious jewelry” you will find it. The Bible also says that if you ask for it God who is all wise will give you wisdom, but only if you are seeking for it diligently. The first requirement would be that you have a deep,sense of lacking the wisdom you need. God doesn’t give much wisdom to “know it all’s”. I am constantly on the look out for wise people in various areas of life and I take them out for lunch, think of really good questions that I can ask, write them down, take good notes, and I pay for lunch. That is the number one recommendation in the book of Proverds as seeking wisdom is encouraged, get counsel from wise people. We can do that by reading good books written by wise people. My reading goal is 100 pages,each week faithfully, that is only 20 pages 5 days a week. I also listen to good teaching by downloading sermons and lectures onto my IPhone. I have a goal of listening to three good sermons each week. My motto is, “If I am moving, I listen, and if I am sitting I read”. Writing is another one of my wisdom seeking disciplines. Writing this blog, writing prayers, and writing sermons and lessons that I am going to give help me think clearer and more logically. If I have a problem I have much more success solving it by writing than just thinking.

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