Successful people part 5

Passion, desire, drive, want-to, and hot are all words that describe a main characteristic of successful people. The opposite of that is words like indifferent, content, complacent, and Luke warm. Most people think that drive and desire are part of a Temperment that we are born with, and if we have it cool, but if we don’t then we are stuck being mediocre in accomplishments in our life.  In Revelation 3 Jesus in talking about a church says “because you are lukewarm I will spit you out of My mouth”, wanting us to be hot. That is an accountability statement, meaning we are responsible for being hot instead of lukewarm, meaning we can change. I know how to build a fire in my house in our wood stove and keep it hot on a cold day or night, because I learned how. We can learn how to build a fire in our own soul, if we really want to.  The problem is that many people get comfortable in their apathy and would just as soon stay there as get hot. What we know intuitively is that a strong “want to” in us creates a discontentment in us that is uncomfortable. It is that discontent feeling in us that motivates us to work more, work harder, make sacrifices, study, pray more and with more fervency, and to think and reflect on what we need to do. I could very easily allow myself to become complacent and lukewarm about bearing any more fruit for God because at my age I am tired physically all the time and that is amplified significantly by my Parkinson’s. The thought pops into my head all day long, “take it easy, coast awhile, relax”. I have to resist those thoughts and keep stoking the fire, I can do that and so can you. Fire building instructions tomorrow.

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