when I was 20 and farming my brother, and brother-in-law, and I formed a three man tug-of-war team and competed against other teams at the Klickatat County Fair in Trout Lake, Washington. It was a single elimination  competition, and there were 16 teams so in order to be the champion “Puller” we had to “Pull” four times. The rope was quite long so the distance that we had to pull the other team to get them across the line was about 20 feet, and most of the teams were tough, so  it took a long time, almost 20 minutes on the championship pull. Pulling on a rope with every once of strength you have for upwards of 20 minutes four times was encredibly exhausting, but we won. The prize was a six pack of warm Nesbitts Orange Soda, but of course the glory of being the toughest guys in Trout Lake was worth it all. The key to winning was digging in and holding our ground until the other team got tired. We didn’t do any jerking, and lunging like the other teams, we just dug holes with our heals and hung on, and then when we felt them letting up we went back one foot hole and then another until we won. Life feels a lot like that tug-of-war, just a constant struggle. In the book of Ephesians in the New Testament in the Bible it says that our struggle in life is really not against people it’s against the devil and his demons who are pulling the strings behind the scenes. We can’t see them so we don’t think about them, but they are as real as the “signals” that come into our cell phones. They are very real, very powerful, very clever, and very evil. The key to winning is to not grow weary or discouraged, to run the race with endurance, to develop relationships with others who are “pulling” and encourage one another to not give up, and to keep your eye on the prize of the crown of life that the Lord will give to those who finish well,

1 thought on “Struggle

  1. Kevin Swanson

    Thanks Dee I always enjoy reading blog and its wisdom through both the Bible and your life experiences. Hope you shoot a Giant Moose up in Alaska!!👍🇺🇸



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