A happy ending

i don’t like movies that don’t have a happy ending. That is exactly why I did like the new Ben Hur movie. There are all kinds of sad and bad things that happen to everyone involved but in the end all the good people are happy. Pilate isn’t happy, but I am OK with that. In the Bible the end of the story of my life is written, and I believe with total faith that is true. One of two endings are  possible for my happy ending. The first is that I die from a yet unknown reason with the grace of God surrounding it meaning that it is no big deal, and I step into the presence of the Lord and all the beauty and joy of heaven. The second is that I am still alive when Jesus comes to get me and I get a new body and off I go to live with Him forever. That event will be quite a bit more exciting than sky diving I am sure, as I fly through the sky with my Christ like body.  Positive anticipation of a future event gives energy, joy, enthusiasm, and has a way of covering the sadness of bad events.  I never worry any more about anything.  I don’t fret about health, money, weather, elections, nothing.  The reason is that I have set my mind on the things above rather than on the things of this life and this place. It really does work. I like happy  endings, and mine is about as good and happy as it gets so I think I will spend my thinking time on the ending of my life not today.



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