Trash Talking

this year for our annual salmon fishing trip to the Kenai River in Alaska we made a rule, “no trash talking”. When you have over a dozen guys living together in cramped quarters, fishing together, eating together, getting minimal sleep, getting really tired and possibly grumpy, some catching more fish than others, everyone having their opinions on the best way to catch fish, and on and on, words are often said that irritate, hurt, and offend. The goal was that everyone would work hard at being nice, kind, gracious, patient, and extremely self controlled. It was a great week of fishing and fellowshipping because everyone did indeed work hard at speaking words that edified and gave grace. It didn’t mean that we didn’t talk about things that we felt strongly about, and we did talk politics, we just recognized that the strength of our relationships that we had was very important, and we could communicate what we believed was true without damaging those relationships. I find it so easy to slip into a “worldly” way of talking in my attempting to make a point. Every night when I review the day and confess all known sin to God, I find most of what I confess are words spoken to others. Dear Lord, please help me to speak words of grace always.

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