Home from fishing

I am laying here in my own bed thinking about the last week of fishing, thinking about my Mom recovering from hip surgery and heart surgery, reading church prayer requests, reading Facebook entries and issues and struggles people are having in life. I continue to have emphasized to me the fact that a main role that God has for me in this chapter in my life is to pray and intercede for people. If you were walking by a burning building and someone inside screamed for help and you ran in and rescued them from sure death, afterwards you would feel a strong sense of having done something noble. I feel that when I pray. I have a growing faith in the fact that when I Pray God listens and acts and things change for all eternity. The great challenge for me right now is to manage my life and time so as not to let all the fun things, the busy things, the mundane things suck up all my time. Exercising self control over the pull of my flesh, the temptations in the world, and the responsibilities of life is the the discipline that I need.

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