Today’s Catch

imageThis picture is a portion of the sockeye salmon that we caught today. This year the fishing is very slow compared with previous years. Two years ago in the same amount of time that we fished today a dozen of us would have had 72 fish. But it is still a lot of fun, and for me it is the experience, the challenge, the getting away, the fellowship that makes the trip not the fish. We are going to fish for about 15 hours straight starting tonight at about 7 pm. If the fishing is super slow we may go back to fish camp and sleep from 1 to 3 am the only “dark” times. We head back home Friday morning, for normal life once again.  For the couple of hours each day that I am not fishing, eating or sleeping I read my IPad. Emails, Facebook and messages keep me up on what is happening in the rest of the world, especially my family. I read the news, sports news, fishing reports, weather, and my Bible. I use my prayer App on my IPad to pray for family, friends, and church .

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