Hard is fun

Run a marathon, do a Olympic distance triathlon, climb Mt Adams, ride a bicycle across the USA are a few of the challenging things I have done over the years and in fact  I have done each of those multiple times, and considered each one, each time fun in a different sort of way., many other people have done the same and much harder. We fished until midnight last night and then got up at 3 am this morning to go again and we fished until noon. We are going out again this afternoon and if there are fish in we will fish all night until noon tomorrow. My hands hurt terrible bad because of all the scratches from salmon teeth received while removing the hook, and filleting the fish and the fish slime causes them to get infected. But I am having so much fun, strange huh. Challenges inspire us and motivate. Spending hours standing in the water, in the rain, for so long your back is aching terribly, trying to catch a big salmon, and then fighting it, is much more than just trying to have some tasty salmon to eat, it is the challenge, the conquering that we were created to do.


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