Bicycle Camp

imageEach evening we pedal into camp usually between 3 and 7 pm depending on miles, hills, wind, and flat tires. The ladies usually leave in the morning around 10 am after packing everything up, and get to our next camping spot before we do and have everything all set up by the time we arrive. For Patty that means setting up our tent, blowing up air mattresses, unrolling sleeping bags, and cooking dinner on our two burner propane camping stove. When we pull in usually the first  thing I do is take a shower and get out of my sweaty biking cloths. I hang those all over my bike to air out and dry for another day of riding. We all eat dinner together and talk about the day and plan the next day. Mary Ann usually does all the calling and arranging for the next two or three days camping sites. In the evening Patty reads her Kindle and I read my IPad in our tent. She reads in her sleeping bag and I usually sit in one of our lawn chairs. We have an extension cord that we plug into the back of Richard and Mary’s camper that runs to our tent to charge everything up and to run our little electric space heater if it is cold. I read emails, the various scores, the news, Facebook, my Bible, the weather report for our area for the next day, I zoom in on Google maps and travel our next day’s route via the satellite image checking it out, I write my blog and journal entry for the day, I pray through the names of people that are on my list for the day, and I do some studying and writing on future sermons. I make a trip to the bathroom, take all needed medications, and then crawl into my warm, down filled sleeping bag. Through the evening Patty and I interrupt each others reading to talk about our day, kids, church etc. I then set  the alarm for 6 am and we go sound asleep.

2 thoughts on “Bicycle Camp

  1. Mike Wilde

    Like I said, Patty is a saint! Hope I am on your list you pray through, especially this Friday and Sunday! I know Brett is your favorite pastor in our group but deep, deep down in your heart, there’s still a place for me, right? Love you brother!



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