Easy Day

Today was an easy day. We rode 42 miles, there was a head wind but it was much slower than yesterday’s, and there were no big hills. Once in camp we were sitting around discussing tomorrow’s ride. Some other riders we met recommended that we take an alternate route tomorrow from the one that is “Adventure Cyclings”  standard route for the “Southern Tier” that we are following. The reason is that even though the alternate is 81 miles and the standard route is 71 miles it is much less hilly and curvy and much easier.  I liked the “easier” of today so should I choose to take the alternate route tomorrow because it is easier? My first thought was, “Yes”!! I like easy!! But as I began to think about it, I asked myself the question, “why did you decide to do this bicycle trip anyway?” There are numerous reasons, and one of them was ” to challenge myself by doing something hard”. Well if that is why I am on this trip why would I choose easier? OK, well I guess I will do the regular, harder route tomorrow. I will tell you in tomorrow’s blog how it was.

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