imageThat is me laying on the road dead because of the brutal day of riding with a 15 to 20 mph headwind with gusts to 30.  I am not really dead, but you knew that, I just feel like I am dead!  Steep hills have a top and then you go down, but the wind just doesn’t quit. I think it is as much psychological as physical. The seemingly never ending battle to make progress just wears you out physically and mentally. But we finally made it and arrived at a Motel that had no electricity or hot water, but they finally got some electricity but no hot water, handi-wipes tonight. There was no camping spot so we rented one room and the Camper and trailer are in the parking lot where John and Mary Anne, and Richard and Mary will sleep. Patty and I get the room with everybody using the bathroom in our room. Marjorie, our adopted tag along is going to sleep in the back seat of the pickup. We rode 60 miles today, and the weather forecast for tomorrow  is for more of the same on wind so we are going to go 50 miles, and the following day we have some super steep hills as well as wind so we are going to go 40.  We are having an awesome time😀

1 thought on “Dead

  1. Mike Wilde

    I’m proud of you, Dee. Hope you got a good rate on that hotel that had no electricity or hot water. Guess they do things a bit different in Texas than they do here.



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