2002 to 2007 I traveled to Sierra Leone, West Africa 12 differed times for the purpose of helping in starting churches, schools and doing seminars for the pastors of the churches that we started. During these years of going into Sierra Leone more than twice each year A significant attitude change developed in me. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest and undeveloped countries in the world. People live in small houses made out of mud with dried leaf roofs that leak rain and they own very little. They went through years of civil war when thousands of people were killed and mutalated and most recently an Ebola plaque that again killed thousands. What happened in me was I realized how much we fuss, fight, argue, and worry about things in this country that really arent that important. We all have a value system impressed in our heart that controls how we act, talk, spend time, and what we worry about. I haven’t traveled to Sierra Leone near as much in the last 5 years. Last night from 5 to 10 pm for our “Five Days of Prayer” for missions we prayed about Sierra Leone, and I started reliving many of the experiences, sights, sounds, and conditions that I had during those few years of being there so much. I again realized, there really aren’t that many things in life that are super important, just a few, and I need to focus my life on those.

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