Winning and losing

Watching Denver win the football game against the Patriots this afternoon reminded me of the Bible verse in 1 Corinthians 9 when the Apostle Paul said “in a race, everyone runs but only one wins”. In life everybody loses at something periodically if not often. The experience of losing is painful and because of that many stop competing, trying, striving, wanting, dreaming, and setting goals for themselves. It seems easier to just respond to life, role with the punches, take what may. It may be painful to lose, but it is also fulfilling to win, to accomplish something great, to do something that matters. Not everybody will win a football game but anybody who really wants to and works hard at it can do something that matters, that makes a difference, and the longer we set our minds on accomplishing significant things with our life the more “trophies” we will add to our life “trophy case” before we finish this life.

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