World changer

Watched a video of the story of Burl Cain during the church service at JBC this weekend. He became the warden at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in 1995. It was the largest penitentiary in the U.S. with 6,300 inmates, on 18,000 acres, and it was also the bloodiest in terms of the number of inmates killed by other inmates each year. He introduced Bible School and Seminary training with degree programs into the prison and established churches in the prison led by pastors who were inmates who had graduated from the Seminary. It was an amazing story of transformation in an evil place brought about by a man who wanted to make a difference. By prayer and obeying God’s leading in his life he made a huge difference in 1000’s of men’s lives most who will die in that prison serving life sentences. The main point was that anybody can do something very significant with their life if they really want to, trust God for the power and resources needed, and are willing to pay the price required in effort and sacrifice. I want to do something significant with my life. I want to bear much fruit. I am not content at all with past accomplishments.

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