Bow hunting

Archery season opened Saturday. Most of our family, grandkids included are going to hunt for deer and elk in the Steens Mts September 14th to the 24th. It is going to be a lot of fun camping together and hunting. We are going to have 3 or 4 wall tents depending on if I can find a 4th one and several smaller tents as well. The biggest wall tent will be the cook house and cafeteria. I have rounded up 5 propane tanks and a number of heaters. Unless some rain falls no fires will be allowed, though I see the weather report has some rain coming in the next couple of days. I have been practicing with my bow quite a bit for the last month. My son Sam’s house got burglarized a number of months ago and they stole his bow, so I gave him mine and I bought a new one. I am getting a little wimpy as I get older so I needed to get a bow with an easier draw and smoother as well. The one I got a PSE Prophecy is super smooth and easy to pull back. It is amazing how far the engineering on bows has come over the years. Occasionally I miss the target and hit my shop wall. Not good on arrows!! My shop wall is full of holes and I am going to have to buy another dozen arrows before we go hunting! The Steens Mts are incredibly beautiful. The canyons and gorges are amazing. We camp and hunt at the 8,800 ft level so breathing as we hike down into the canyons and back up again several times a day is a challenge. Going to the Steens Mts archery hunting in the Fall is one of my all time favorite activities. I enjoy the great fellowship with family, the challenge of getting a deer and elk with a bow, the hard work and effort required, the beauty and majesty of the place, and the great times I have with God that are prompted by His creation.

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