Life is funny at 66 years of age when I think back to some of the crossroads in my life and wonder what if I had taken that route back then where would I be today. One of the significant crossroads was about 4 different times I was very close to choosing to be a missionary to a foreign country. We had a couple of missionary couples at church today and then they shared again at an Indonesian dinner tonight. I enjoyed very much hearing their stories and about their ministry. I am usually impressed with missionaries because of the sacrifice they make in living in a country away from family and I am especially impressed when they choose to go to a third world country and live in difficult circumstances. I remember back to some of the significant struggles I had as I tried to decern God’s will for my life trying to figure out if I was supposed to go to Indonesia as a Bible translator or be a dairy farmer or be a pastor or what?? I am sure that I am where I am supposed to be but I can’t help but wonder about the “what ifs”.

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