Jumping out of an airplane

A group of us drove to Molalla this morning to go sky diving but the smoke was so thick that we got postponed to a later date. I got all excited and ramped up on adrenaline and then nothing. It is always interesting to me how much our thinking influences our physical body, especially our hormones. Thinking about jumping out of an airplane at 13,000 feet elevated my heart rate to about 90 beats a minute. One of my newest disciplines that I have become very devoted to is memorizing and meditating on scripture. It is amazing how much I can influence and even control my thinking and ultimately my entire body by choosing to meditate on Bible verses that I have memorized well. The App for my IPad and my iPhone “Scripture Typer” has been an fantastic tool to memorize over 400 Bible verses in the last 8 months. God’s Word is living and active and sharper than a sword and it is very effective in controlling my thinking as I choose to pull one up and mentally review it, think about it and apply it mentally to my life. I need to find a verse to meditate on as I fall to the ground at 100 mph hoping that the chute opens.

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