The elevator saga continues

So last Wednesday when it was discovered that one of the elevator parts was the wrong part the guy in charge of the installation emailed me and said a fellow named Zack would contact me first thing Monday and order the right part. At noon nobody had contacted me so I phoned and I got a recording that he was out of the office for a week. So I asked the secretary for Zack and he said that no one had talked to him about our project. He said he would call the boss and get right back to me. Two hours later I called him and asked what was happening. He said they would reorder the right part. I asked if they could please do that today. He assured me they would. I asked if he would please call me when it was officially ordered. An hour later I called him and asked what was happening. He said the part would be here in about two weeks. I asked if he could please email me tomorrow the exact date that it was arriving at JBC. He said he would. We will see. I think that what God is going to do in that building as we establish it as a place where many classes are taught on Theology, How to Raise your kids to be champions for Jesus, How to have a wonderful marriage, comparative religions of the world, evolution and creation, how to manage your money, prophecy, how to witness effectively, and many others, that the devil is afraid of the damage those who take the classes will do so he is trying to prevent it from being finished. He might succeed in slowing it down a bit, but we will win in the end, because we have the power of prayer.

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