The family fishing trip to the Brownlee was super. Great camping and awesome fishing with 800 crappie being caught. But the Mosquitos were terrible!! Someone asked me tonight if the devil could create demons. I said I didn’t know, but that I was pretty sure he was the one who created Mosquitos! I am still scratching welts left from bites. These Mosquitos were so aggressive that they bit me through my cloths! It would be hard to say they were a trial, but major nuisance would not be a stretch. We always said that camping was a condensed version of life, and real life is full of aggravating irritations. At least with Mosquitos there is DEET that works pretty good to keep the bugs off, but in everyday life there isn’t anything to repel the constant array of irritations and annoying frustrations. The theme of Vacation Bible School that starts Monday at JBC is “Conquering Obstacles”. That is what life is about, conquering obstacles. So when a mosquito bites me I will kill him and rejoice and not fuss.

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