Everybody does it, but I think especially older people will sit and think about the past. The fishing has been slow so as I sit and wait for a fish to bite I think, and today for some reason I have been replaying events from my past. There are many things that are fun to think about, most of those revolve around family, but today for some reason I got started thinking about poor choices and mistakes that I have made. In some instances they resulted in loss of accomplishment or money, in others the bad choice resulted in being at a different place now then I would have been, but in most cases the mistake resulted in relational consequences where people no longer liked me and in some instances were so hurt or upset at me that they haven’t talked to me since. In thinking about these past events I recognized that most were the result of lack of wisdom. I can’t remember any of my many bad choices being the result of meanness or vindictiveness or with an intent to hurt. I just didn’t know any better. As John Wayne would say, “What a stupid thing to do”. I wish I could have a “do over” on all of those stupid words, decisions, and actions of the past. In thinking about these many black marks in my history the main thing I would do differently if I could relive my past would be to get much more counsel and mentoring than I did. I would ask for advice constantly from old people who had already done the stupid things that I was about to do. My pride, arrogance, and “know it all” attitude was the barrier to that happening in my past. As I counsel, mentor, and give advice now as a Pastor much of it comes from the wisdom gained from my own failures, so some good is coming from them.

1 thought on “Reminiscing

  1. Beth Keagle

    Dear Dee and Patty, As I look back to the time when we attended JBC it was the best of times and we learned more in those 12 years than we can tell you. I’m just so sorry I was so immature at times and made it hard for Duane to stay in the ministry. We are now facing this time of our life’s thinking about Heaven and trying to read,pray,and be bolder talking to friends and family about asking Jesus into there life. I can’t bear the thought of any of our loved ones and loving friends to be left behind. I dream about seeing Jesus and David at the gate of Heaven!! I can hardly wait, as I am now 74yrs old and Duane is now 79 yrs old 😇 We would like to get together and take you and Patty out to dinner and chat about old times. I know you are busy and I tried to call once, then Duane had his knee replaced and time has passed too fast!! Our new phone numbers are House 971-701-6685 Cell is 971-720-9600 We send our Love and Prayers, Beth and Duane



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