All alone

One of the four guys I am fishing with in Minnesota had to leave early today and the two other guys drove him to the airport a couple hours drive. I stayed behind to fish but the wind was blowing so hard that fishing was near impossible so I sat in our little rental house and read and prayed. I have a prayer program on my IPad that has every person in our church including most who have visited in the last three months in it along with pictures for most of them that I get off of facebook and taking pictures of them with my phone. My goal is to pray through it each week, but sometimes when I am on a fishing or hunting trip I don’t get it done. I prayed through about a quarter of everyone on the airplane trip here and got through the rest of it today. There is always a great sense of significant accomplishment when I get to the last person in my prayer journal each week. I really believe that I sense God’s pleasure in me for the time that I take to intercede for the well-being of those in my journal. I am quit sure that when I get to heaven that I will find that the time I spent praying for people was the most effective thing I did with my life. I didn’t catch any fish today, but it was a very good day.

2 thoughts on “All alone

  1. DonnnaO

    When I was a kid, my last name started with “S.” I always got picked LAST. I always thought that if I could choose a new name, it would be Able. I was SURE that THEN I would finally be at the front of the line. Please! When you pray for us, DON’T go alphabetical. And please, don’t go by who you think needs your prayers most. Some of us have been sitting in the corner all our lives. Our name is Zzzzzzz.,



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