Jesus is coming

Got to talking with my son Seth and son in law Thomas tonight as we watched the Warriors beat the Grizzlies in NBA Playoff basketball about “End Times”. I said I believed that Christians would be raptured by Jesus and taken to heaven before the Tribulation started which will last for 7 years and than Jesus will come back and us with Him and set up His Kingdom on the earth. Jesus will be King of the whole world and we will rule with Him. What started the discussion was talk about present conditions in the world which seem to be getting worse by the day. I said that it is going to continue to get worse and worse until Jesus is King and that the Tribulation described in the book of Revelation is literal and makes today look super good by comparison. I said I don’t know when but at the present rate of decline it can’t be to far away. My guess is that the rapture will happen on my 80th birthday. 😄I will plan on it and that means 13 more years to work for Jesus. It is going to be so cool to hear the Trumpet of the Lord and then His voice saying loudly to me, “Come up here”!

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