Helping others

Many times in life you will see people in need and are drawn to help them. Sometimes it is pretty simple and the help needed is small, and other times there is a significant sacrifice needed on your part if you get involved to help. My brothers and I spent Monday building a deck for my Mom, and though we took the time to help her it really turned out to be a fun time that wasn’t really any sacrifice to speak of. Then there are those situations that you wish you could do something but there really isn’t anything you can do. Those are the times that I help by devoting time to praying that God will bless and work and make His presence felt powerfully. My associate pastor Mike Dedera’s Dad is not doing well and is probably close to death. I remember when my Dad was there. I wish it were possible to drain off some of the pain and carry it for Mike and the family but there is not. I sincerely believe in God and that He answers prayer that is prayed in His will. God will always give peace and strength and joy when we ask for it, and most definitely God loves it when we carry someone else’s burden in prayer, and He will give peace and strength and joy to those I pray for. I believe that with all my heart.

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