Open doors

In Revelations 3:8 God is speaking and He says, “I have put before you an open door”. God gives opportunities to us to serve Him, to accomplish something significant with our life, and to bear much fruit for Him. God opens the door but we must step through it, make the most of the opportunity that He provides. Most often these opportunities have a risk factor, move us a bit out of our comfort zone, make us nervous because of the unknown, and the result is many just stay put. I have started looking expectantly every day for divine opportunities, apparent coincidences that are God orchestrated. I like adventure and God is a great guide to an exciting life of new things, but we have to be able to recognize the open door when it happens and be decisive stepping through it. If you take to long to make up your mind the door will close and you will be stuck doing the same old thing. If you allow the fear of the unknown to control your life pretty soon there are no more open doors and you will have a predictable, comfortable, and boring life. I think a great end of the day prayer is, ” thank You Lord for what You gave me to do today. Could You give me a bit more to do tomorrow. I will look expectantly for that open door and I will be quick to act and make the most of the opportunity that You provide for me.

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