Played golf today for the first time in 3 or 4 years. Played with 3 JBC staff, Pastor Mike, Seth and Jeff. Weather was great and the fellowship was sweet. I only lost 7 balls. Good thing I bought used golf balls for .50 cents each. I discovered that the harder I tried the worse I did. When we first started I was relaxed and enjoying the day and I actually did pretty good and then I started trying to do good and then I started hitting balls into the tall grass. As I live my life as a Christian I need to be faithful, diligent and self controlled, but there is a critical balance that I need to learn to walk in, between my discipline and my trusting in and abiding in Christ. It easy to get unbalanced. One side is self-righteous trying harder mode that results in frustration and weariness, and the other extreme is being lazy, undisciplined, and foolish in choices and expect that God is going to bail us out in the name of “trusting Jesus”. I pray every morning and ask God for the wisdom to live my life as a disciple of Jesus who is abiding in Him, and being faithful to the basic disciplines of the Christian life. The key for me is to ask for wisdom and strength from Him all day long, and then to work hard.

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