Proud Father

Our daughter Sherri shared tonight at JBC’s Saturday evening service. She shared about the journey she and her husband Thomas have been on since he broke his neck in a farming accident two years ago. She did amazingly well, not just in communicating their story clearly, and in a way that brought all those listening into their life, but also teaching clearly the Biblical principles that each of us can use to go through tough times. One of our parenting goals in raising our 8 children was that they would grow up to be tough. To be tough means that you know how to strengthen yourself in the Lord so that you can manage anything that comes into your life. Sherri demonstrated great toughness not in being strong but in knowing how to be strong in the Lord. I was very proud of Sherri tonight not only in dealing with this trial well but because she was able to pass on very clearly and persuasively Biblical principles to others that will help them to be tough as well.

2 thoughts on “Proud Father

  1. Shar

    I couldn’t agree with you more! She is an amazing speaker! I loved how she balanced sharing something so intimate with scripture. I can see her speaking a lot more.


  2. C Simar

    I did not see her after the service. Please let her know I truly appreciate her words. She added verses for me to memorize while I am going through this trial. She is a wonderful and amazing woman. Thank you for helping her come and speak.



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