My dog Russel

My dog Russel is very high energy and has a lot of bad habits. He digs holes all over the yard that are so deep you can’t see him in it, he tends to bite people he doesn’t know, he jumps on the grandkids and knocks them down, he chews everything to little bitty pieces, he is especially fond of the kid’s Leggo’s, and when he wants in the house he jumps up and pushes on the door covering it with the mud that he got on his paws digging all the holes. I bought a shock collar to use as a training tool. I especially wanted to use it when people drove in the drive way so that he wouldn’t scare them. It worked quit well. It shocks him and makes a buzzing noise and vibrates all at the same time, so after the first two shocks being the softy that I am I turned the shock part off and the noise and vibration did the trick. Tonight I came into the house and there he lay with the shock collar on the floor in front of him all chewed up into a million pieces. I don’t know how he got it off over his head but he did. Boy, I thought raising 8 kids was tough. As I write this he is sleeping next to my chair glancing up occasionally to make sure I am alright.

2 thoughts on “My dog Russel

  1. Robyn Paege

    Have you consulted with a breed specific trainer? I bet the Humane Society could recommend one for you. He obviously loves you but is confused as to how to please you. Little stinker….lol…


  2. Laurie Goldman

    Reminds me of my Mom and an episode yesterday with her mini dachshund. The dog’s latest antics have been to roar full-speed across the backyard, jump in a mud puddle, and then bark at the neighbor dog through the fence. Mom, tired of bathing her after each incident (not to mention the barking), told her the next time she went out to NOT BARK. She gave her the stink eye and used a threatening voice for effect. Result: The dog roared across the yard, jumped in the mud puddle, and then jumped repeatedly at the fence to harass the neighbor’s dog, all without the slightest yip! 🙂



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